человек широких взглядов

Если бы я не была так занята, как сейчас, я бы перевела этот текст.

Но хотя бы те, кто изучили немного англ или умеют пользоваться переводчиком, смогут прочесть.


“Kabbalah is not about morals and ethics; it’s about Spiritual Revelation

Kabbalah is not the science of being a more loving, compassion and caring person, this is not the goal of the mystical process, these are just the effects.

Kabbalah (Alchemy) is the hidden wisdom of revealing the spiritual, the reality that is concealed from the masses. It does not concern itself with outward appearances, with politeness and consideration for others this is just becoming a mature, responsible human being. Ethics, understanding and patience are not a privilege, they are expectation of each human being.

Kabbalah is the science of revelation of the higher perception. If you come to Kabbalah or Alchemy for ethical reasons you will be greatly disappointed. The mystical sciences are specifically about tuning ourselves within to heal the darkness that conceals the illumination from the Source, the formation of a new sense of perception that transcends the boundaries of the physical 5 senses. We must understand the purpose of Creation, that we are to work on ourselves by building an inner relationship with this Light (energy) that pervades our entire reality, that infinite illumination that is now utterly concealed form us because of the Fall of Man and then after accomplishing this, bringing that Light into the world for the purpose of unifying ourselves to it.”

-Raz Iyahu




И к этому стоит добавить, что на все вопросы, связанные с каббалой, я постараюсь ответить по-русски.